Dynamic Power Transfer

Algret Innovations is bringing forward an efficient and powerful technology for charging vehicles on the move

Conventional combustion vehicles are on their way out, fast.

40,000 annual deaths are directly caused by air pollution in the United Kingdom alone. The adverse health effects are becoming more well-known and a global effort is needed to tackle climate change and meet the Paris Agreement. Many governments and vehicle OEMs are now well into the process of phasing out fossil fuelled transport, the main contributor to emissions.

We provide an efficient solution for increasing the uptake of electric vehicles that enables downtime-free, cable-free battery charging, for opportunity top-up or continuous propulsion on the move.

Our Technology

Algret Innovations LTD is a UK based EV charging technology provider prepared to change transport for a sustainable future. We are bringing a unique technology to market for dynamic power transfer to vehicles that queue (semi-dynamic) or are in motion. We have international patents pending for a system that has major advantages over alternative technologies such as costly and power limited inductive charging options.

Our system transfers energy from our robustly designed electric road system, to an on-vehicle collector device that can retrofit to any vehicle and receive power on the go, with full vehicle integration planned. Fully automated, cable-free access to electrical power in semi-dynamic and dynamic scenarios opens doors for more practical electric vehicle charging.

How our technology benefits the user:

  • Charging while queuing utilises existing downtime so business is not disrupted
  • The daily range is extended by the frequent battery top-up, 24 hour operation is possible
  • Increased vehicle and business availability will bring a significant commercial gain
  • Smaller batteries are possible due to frequent top-ups, meaning significant vehicle cost reductions
  • Both regular and rapid charging are available from the same charging point on demand, suiting the user's requirements
  • Practicality, safety and security for the driver, that no longer has to exit the vehicle twice for every charge opportunity
  • ...and the local authority and government priorities:

  • Charging is centralised, less plug-in charging points and power connections are required
  • User benefits make electric vehicles such as taxis are more desirable and affordable
  • Our infrastructure is much lower cost than inductive solutions
  • Charging rates are load balanced to utilise local power supply capacity
  • Seamless integration into the road surface with minimal street furniture and full pedestrian safety
  • Maintainable system with upgradability for future proofing
  • ...and the industrial user:

  • Very high power, affordable and scalable infrastructure options
  • 24 hour vehicle operations
  • Autonomous vehicle guidance and fully automated charging
  • Fuel cost savings and/or battery cost savings
  • Highly energy efficient movement of goods with zero emissions
  • Not disruptive to industrial environments

How it Works

EV charging taxi 'Dynamic Power Transfer' (DPT), also known as an 'Electric Road System' allows a road vehicle to pick up electrical energy while it's moving.

Our DPT system can be used to power vehicles continuously on highways, in bus lanes, or in enclosed industrial settings.

Our technology is also very well suited for semi-dynamic or stationary use, as a practical, automated opportunity charging solution that still allows some movement of the vehicle. In fact, we intend to first trial the technology for charging taxis as they queue in taxi ranks, and can offer various users the same system for opportunity charging, including high power rapid charging applications.

Our innovative pick-up device can be retrofitted to any type of vehicle offering an electrical interface. Full vehicle integrations are being planned following initial trials.

EV charging taxi What makes our patent-pending system robust, unique and highly powerful while being highly cost-effective, is the use of direct contact power transfer rather than using electromagnetic induction (which has significant drawbacks). The cable-free charging solution is also unique in the industry by fully enclosing the conductors in such a way that even deliberate contact is not possible, making our solution suited for urban use in pedestrian areas. The enclosure also keeps conductors clean, for high efficiency and long life.


We have formed a strong consortium and plan to trial the technology for cable-free charging of electric taxis while they wait in queues and can't plug in. This will support the government's clean air strategy and road to zero emissions transport by making electric taxis more feasible, practical and profitable in cities on a large scale.

We are open to new partners to join or support this consortium as we move forward, this includes:

  • Local authorities and transport authorities (we have 3 supporting us so far)
  • Vehicle OEM’s
  • Technology partners and industrial users
  • Investors and/or other collaborative partners
We are also having discussions with early adopters for industrial and off-highways use, so please get in touch.

We have previously received funding from The Department for Transport and the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK and we are working closely with leading UK universities. We are soon to release a full-scale demonstrator to show the capability and performance of the technology.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you are interested in being part of an exciting and game-changing project, or if your organization can benefit from the installation of our electric transport technology for charging and propelling electric vehicles.

Alternatively email: yannick_algret@yahoo.co.uk